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3PL Search and Setup

Let us help you find the perfect 3PL partner for your order fulfillment.


Outsourcing your order fulfillment to a Third Party Logistics partner can be one of the most critical decisions you make in the life cycle of your growing product business.  Choosing the right partner is not as simple as it may seem.  We’ve evaluated more than sixty 3PLs using the extensive process outlined below to ensure we find you a high quality partner who meets your specific needs — today and into the future.

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We'll learn about your product lines, inventory, order types, shipping requirements, customer locations and growth trajectory to assemble your company profile.

2. list of potentials

Guided by this profile, we'll generate an extensive list of 3PL partner candidates in locations best suited for your shipping needs.

3. request for proposal

Our team will send a detailed RFP to each of the 3PLs we believe meet your requirements based on our initial research.  The RFP will include company details, product information and order forecasts to allow for the most accurate quotations possible.


We will conduct in-person site visits and score each candidate on our proprietary twenty-five point 3PL Bluprint which looks at everything from capacity to cleanliness to technology.  Due to our high standards, most 3PLs are eliminated at this stage.

5. negotiate & decide

We will narrow the field down to your top three choices and will begin contract negotiations focused on the specific areas that will provide you with the most benefit.  With your input, we will decide on the best long-term 3PL partner.

6. setup & launch

To ensure a smooth transition, we will assist with technical systems integration and procedural documentation for product receiving, packing and returns inspection.   In addition, we'll provide quality control checks during the next 4 weeks to ensure your inventory is handled properly and orders are being fulfilled according to your specifications.

7. next steps

If you would like us to be the primary point of contact for your 3PL moving forward, we can provide on-going operations support via our Ops Partner Program, as well.