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Panacea Skincare Decreases Order Processing Costs by 54%




Panacea Skincare is simplifying the Korean skincare regimen and bringing it to the United States. They needed a third party logistics (3PL) partner to provide order fulfillment services. Panacea independently conducted a 3PL search, but were unsure if the pricing and capabilities of their final choice were sufficient. We reviewed their potential partner and determined we could locate a more ideal fulfillment partner for them.




For a new product company, identifying and launching with their ideal fulfillment partner is critical to their success. Understanding the 3PL landscape of partners, capabilities and pricing structures can prove difficult and time consuming. Adding to that, Panacea's skincare products had two mandatory requirements, lot tracking and temperature control, which significantly narrowed the field of potential candidates.




After an in-depth review of the requirements for Panacea’s product line, we designed an RFP that would locate the ideal 3PL partner. Using a combination of site visits and our proprietary 3PL Scorecard we were able narrow the field from 30 down to 3 prime candidates. Once bids were received, we analyzed the myriad of service fees using our custom Costing Calculator to arrive at an all-in cost-per-order based on Panacea's forecasted growth rate.



Based on our exhaustive search and detailed contract negotiations, we were able decrease Panacea's order processing costs by 54% and overall fulfillment costs by 35%. This has the potential to save $50,000 during their first year of operations.

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