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Warehouse Setup and Optimize


Running an order fulfillment warehouse efficiently and effectively is an extremely complex and challenging endeavor. Each day seems to start with a fresh set of fires to snuff out — many times with the ones from yesterday still smoldering. Trying to balance problem solving and improvement projects and planning for the future can seem improbable on good days and impossible on bad ones.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an experienced second set of eyes focused solely on completing your most high-value projects — saving you time and money so you can operate at peak efficiency? We use the battle-tested process below to engage with your team and work side-by-side to identify your highest value areas for improvement and install industry best practices.

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1. Execute our Operations Performance Review

Before we engage with a new partner, we always take the extra time up front to execute our Operations Performance Review, a two-day analysis of your business which allows you to see how we work and gives you an expert’s view of your current and future operational challenges.

2. Identify areas for improvement

Using the results of your OPR, we’ll identify what you’ll need to upgrade, improve, implement and install to ensure that your current and future warehouse operations run at peak efficiency and are able to support your growth in the most cost effective way.

3. project plan

We’ll author a detailed project plan that outlines the specific items that we will improve within your People, Processes and Systems. The plan will include clear goals, actions, timelines and deliverables along with a healthy expected return on your investment.

4. Observation and data gathering

A detailed understanding of the inner workings of your warehouse is extremely important to ensure that we identify and hone in on the areas most in need of improvement. We believe wholeheartedly that you cannot improve what you don’t measure, so we’ll time study all critical processes to establish an efficiency baseline.

5. design around Best Practices

Once we have gathered and analyzed the data, we’ll focus on designing warehouse best practices into your processes. We’ll look to identify and remove non-value added activities while improving upon the ones we keep. This is a highly collaborative effort between your team and ours.

6. Documentation

With help from your staff, we’ll outline Standard Operating Procedures that document our recommended process improvement steps. These SOPs will become your training and operating bibles and are the keys to improve consistency and reduce errors.

7. implementation

We’re not ones to toss improvement suggestions over the fence and hope it all works out. Working directly with your floor supervisors and operators, we’ll help your staff train and implement the new processes.

8. measure improvement

To ensure that we understand how these changes will directly save you money and improve your efficiencies, we’ll observe and analyze the new processes and arrive at specific dollar cost savings and efficiency improvement percentages.

9. ongoing support

We’re big believers in long-term partnerships and we live by the operations mantra of “Always Be Optimizing”. You’ll be so satisfied with the results that we’re sure we’ll uncover additional projects to work on together. Our goal is to continue to provide exceptional value to the point that your investment with us is covered many times over by realized cost savings.