Bluprint Partners | Scaling eCommerce Operations at High-Growth Companies

Helping High Growth eCommerce Companies Scale

Helping high-growth e-commerce companies scale their operations through smart and effective operations management.



We're former eCommerce startup operators with deep experience in logistics, order fulfillment, warehousing, supply chain and inventory control. We’ve taken multiple product companies from inception to nearly $30 million in sales and 50,000 shipments per month in under 4 years through smart and effective operations management.


Listen to an interview with Mike Gammarino, founder of Bluprint, on Michael Zipursky’s Consulting Success Podcast, Episode #48.


Why you need us.


New product companies begin to gain traction with, unsurprisingly, a great Product. Sales begin to grow organically — which is amazing. You will reach a time, though, where growth will slow and you’ll add some paid Marketing to reach the next level of sales. As your order volume grows, Operations (inventory, packing, shipping, returns) begins to take up more and more of your time, but you and your team really need to stay focused on the revenue side of the business.

At this point, you can either continue stomping out the same recurring daily fires while trying to figure out how to catch your infrastructure up to demand, or you can partner with us, eCommerce Operations Experts, who will not only identify and help solve your most pressing Operations challenges, but also support you as we work together to build a solid operational foundation.

We have a proven system that begins with our Operations Performance Review, where we take a holistic look at your business and spend the time up front to truly understand your current and future challenges. We’ll outline what you'll need to upgrade, improve, implement and install to ensure that your operations infrastructure can support your rapid growth.


Who we work with.


✔ Directional clarity and focus
✔ Strong product lines and gross margins
✔ High-growth history and trajectories
✔ Robust cash flow and financing
✔ Fanatical customers and retailers



How we make an impact.



✔ Decreased fulfillment and supply chain costs
✔ Improved inventory accuracy and efficiency
✔ Better vendor pricing and accountability
✔ Reduced shipping and freight spend
✔ Increased system capacity and throughput


✔ Decreased operating costs
✔ Improved contribution margins
✔ Better peak season performance
✔ Reduced operating stress
✔ Higher customer satisfaction

...and ultimately, MORE SALES.



What we’ve accomplished.


Distribution Center improvements to meet Shark Tank demand
15% increase in order fulfillment throughput
20% increase in product storage capacity


3PL search, contract negotiations and setup
54% savings off order processing and 35% off shipping rates


Distribution Center improvements to prepare for holiday demand
500% increase in eCommerce order fulfillment throughput
$200k annual labor cost savings with new production process

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3PL search and contract negotiations
64% savings off order processing fees



Distribution Center improvements to handle 200% growth
47% increase in order fulfillment throughput
34% increase in new product receiving and putaway



What our partners have to say.

“Outsourcing my operations to the Bluprint team has been amazing! The tools and processes they helped implement have reduced the time I spend on operations by at least 80%. I am now focused on growing my business, rather than running it.”
— Grace Lee, Birdy Grey founder and CEO
“Bluprint’s expertise in preparing us for our huge holiday season was invaluable. The new processes and systems they put in place were the reason we were able to stay ahead of the biggest Q4 we’ve ever seen.”
— Ben Smith, Sugarfina COO
“Bluprint helped us locate a 3PL partner with the specific capabilities we needed and at a cost far lower than what we could have achieved on our own. They were incredibly thorough with their search and contract negotiations”
— Terry Lee, Panacea Founder and CEO
“The distribution center reorganization Bluprint completed for us improved our efficiency and installed industry best practices. We learned a ton and wouldn’t have made it through peak season without them!”
— Aric Avedissian, Rareform co-founder