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Sugarfina Increases Production Throughput by 45%




Sugarfina is a fast-growing multi-channel retailer of high quality artisanal candies. Their core
product format, a small cube of candy, is filled by hand in their production room in Los Angeles
The majority of candy cubes are also hand-labeled and laser stamped with a best buy date




Allocating time to focus on improving production processes can be challenging for companies
running at more than 100% capacity. Sugarfina's most popular champagne gummy bears were
not able to run through the incredibly fast and accurate robotic labeling equipment due to a
slick residue left on the outside of the packaging cubes during the manual fill process. We
needed to develop a new process that allowed robotic processing and kept the equipment
queued with work.




We engineered a new “touchless” filling method and developed a system to queue
work-in-process ahead of the robotic equipment, ensuring high availability and utilization.
Production associates can now fill up to 48 cubes simultaneously, improving fill consistency and
accuracy while eliminating the source of the slick residue. A focused project on process
improvement can reap significant gains in production efficiency for companies seeking to
increase peak capacity.



We increased small cube production throughput by 45% and decreased unit cost by 33%. This
resulted in over $200,000 in annual labor savings and allowed a substantial increase in daily
production output, delaying the need to expand to a larger facility.

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